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Miroslav Ouzký on presidential elections

MEP Miroslav OUZKÝ (ECR, CZ) has criticised the ODS leaders’ position on the defeat of their candidate Přemysl SOBOTKA in the first round of presidential elections. “I agree it is a horrible debacle for the ODS. I wonder why an executive council was not convened at once. We do as if this is Přemysl SOBOTKA’s private problem. It is not, it’s a problem for the ODS,” OUZKÝ declared. He did not disclose his choice for the run-off and said he was undecided yet. However, he has no reservations against the party’s recommendation that its members vote for Foreign Minister Karel SCHWARZENBERG.

“Convene ODS executive council”, MfD, Severní Čechy, (tka), p. 3